Sound System, Lighting and Video Installation in Minneapolis, MN

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Keeping Up With Technology Trends

With sound, video and lighting technology continually evolving, Metro Contracting Group personnel attend various international conferences to stay abreast of new developments. The company also consistently communicates with more than 200 manufacturers—some for more than 20 years. These manufacturers often consult with the company’s designers and installers about new products and developments, giving Metro Contracting Group an edge on industry advancements and allowing its designers the advantage of combining new technology developments with tried-and-true processes.

The greatest trend in the industry is the ever diminishing size of equipment as sleeker designs emerge, which in turn affects installation requirements and room configuration.

New laser technology in projectors and LED TVs affordably provides the highest definition possible. Compact speakers provide high-tech sound with almost invisible equipment. Modern lighting offers an array of options for all settings. Computer technology advancements allow control of all systems from one main panel or several remote areas.

Expertise and Custom Designs for Any Project

Metro Sound & Lighting has 25 employees, including installers, designers and salespeople who all have strong backgrounds in the industry. They work as a team, but are individually capable of tackling any job. Often projects are assigned based on someone’s expertise in a specialized area.

Metro Contracting Group can design lighting, video and sound installation around existing, new or retro/remodeling construction. However, architects and interior designers working on sound-sensitive buildings such as theaters and auditoriums often consult Metro Contracting Group designers at project inception to incorporate their expertise into the structural design. While building contractors occasionally request subcontract work, Metro Contracting Group most often works directly with clients.

Video from EV, discussing the new PA system at First Avenue in Minneapolis – installed by Metro Contracting.

Service Department.. in the field, or in-house.

Service needs are met through Metro Sound & Lighting’s in-house service center, which is located in the company’s 12,000-square-foot facility. Both in-house and on-site repairs are offered by the company as necessary to meet customers’ needs.

Metro Contracting group is a fully licensed, insured and bonded low voltage electrical systems contractor.

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